Lee Morgan - Volume 3

Blue Note

Re-release date: August 28th 2007

Original release date: March 24th 1957

 Volume 3 cover

Like Lee Morgan's second album for Blue Note, "Volume 3", released later the same year, is tight hard bop played by a gifted sextet, this time featuring Lee Morgan (trumpet), Gigi Gryce (alto saxophone, flute), Benny Golson (tenor saxophone), Wynton Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (bass guitar) and Charlie Persip (drums). Benny Golson composes and arranges all five tracks and plays tenor sax, building on his involvement with Lee Morgan's music that had been shown in "Volume 2".

The teaming of Wynton Kelly with Paul Chambers produces the kind of dynamics that powered Miles Davis' first great quintet so that, if anything, "Volume 3" is more sure footed than its predecessor.

Stand out tracks include the first recording of "I Remember Clifford", written in memory of Clifford Brown who had died in the same car accident that had killed Richie Powell. It is noticeable just how fast Lee Morgan's playing of ballads such as this was progressing, oversentimentalism being replaced by a much wider range of emotional involvement. And at the other end of the scale, "Tip-Toeing" is an enjoyable and jaunty outing that is true to the spirit and confidence of mid 'fifties hard bop.

An enjoyable addition to the Lee Morgan discography.

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Lee Morgan sounds great!

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