Jonathan Kreisberg - The South Of Everywhere

Mel Bay Records

Release date: September 18th 2007

 The South Of Everywhere cover

Currently touring with the Joe Locke Quartet, this is Brooklyn based guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg's sixth album as leader. Featuring a tight band (Jonathan Kreisberg (guitar); Will Vinson (alto saxophone); Gary Versace (piano); Matt Penman (bass guitar); Mark Ferber (drums)), the album rewards repeated listening as the subtle straight ahead bop of the title track or "Straight Resolutions" gives way to the quieter shades of "Elena" and "Stella By Starlight".

When asked to state the 10 albums that most influenced him, Jonathan Kreisberg in his blog listed the following: "Coltrane's Sound" (John Coltrane), "Sand" (Allan Holdsworth), "Standards in Norway" (Keith Jarrett), "Native Dancer" (Wayne Shorter), "Boss Guitar" (Wes Montgomery), "Seven Steps to Heaven" (Miles Davis), "Bright Size Life" (Pat Metheny), "Durango Kid" (Toninho Horta), "Charlie Parker with Strings" (Charlie Parker) and "Time On My Hands" (John Scofield).

That high quality list very much sums up the influences at work on this fine album. Beyond the inspiration of these greats there is a strong spirit of originality in the six self-penned compositions and in the interpretation of the two standards ("The Best Thing For You" (Irving Berlin) and "Stella By Starlight" (Victor Young)).

Highly recommended.

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 The South Of Everywhere cover

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