David Berkman - Communication Theory

Palmetto Records

Release date: June 13th 2000

Availability: amazon MP3, iTunes, CD

Communication Theory cover

Released in 2000, "Communication Theory" is another fine album made available again via MP3 download and iTunes. Pianist and leader David Berkman has penned twelve compositions varying from the subtle to the angular and all displaying an intelligence and wit that marks this out as great jazz.

The ever brilliant Brian Blade (drums) and Ugonna Okegwo (bass) provide the same elegance and drive that had featured on David Berkman's debut album "Handmade". And there are three horns – Chris Cheek (tenor and soprano saxes), Steve Wilson and Sam Newsome (soprano saxes) - combining to produce a completely distinctive sound.

The opener, "Blutocracy (Blues For Bluto)" sums up everything that is good about the album; sinuous, off kilter blues with tremendous space for soloing from the horns and then piano. "Colby" , "Remission" and "Really Little Waltz" sound out melodious and beautiful, the latter seeming like one of those Tchaikovsky themes you can't quite place. The harmonised horns on "Colby" are truly memorable.

Meanwhile, the three "Communication Theory" pieces function as a series of interludes tilting towards free jazz, forming a bridge to the other challenging pieces such as "Interesting, Perhaps, But Hardly Fascinating Rhythm", "Blue Poles", "Back In The 90's" or "Weird Knock".

Overall, this is great jazz that deserves much greater attention.

Strongly recommended.

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Communication Theory cover

David Berkman - Communication Theory

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 Communication Theory cover

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Communication Theory cover


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