Kenny Werner - Lawn Chair Society

Blue Note

Release date: March 6th, 2007

Availabilty: CD, MP3 download

Lawn Chair Society cover

"Lawn Chair Society" with its Rene Magritte-like cover and challenging take on jazz appeared in early 2007 to deserved acclaim. It is now enjoying the kind of continued exposure via MP3 download and iTunes that it deserves.

The band is mouthwateringly talented: Kenny Werner (piano), Chris Potter (tenor and soprano sax), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Scott Colley (bass), Brian Blade (drums).

The nine Kenny Werner original compositions peak with the two dedicated to the memory of his daughter: "The Thirteenth Day" where the solos from Kenny Werner himself and Chris Potter are exceptional and "Uncovered Heart" where the ensemble playing contrasted with Scott Colley's bass lines is very moving.

The more experimental pieces aim towards free form but are still approachable. The short pieces "berble_berble_squeak" and "west_coast _variant" have, respectively, Dave Douglas' trumpet and Chris Potter's sax free forming over a treated and cut up sound sampled backing. But these departures work well as challenging interludes from the main fare.

"Lawn Chairs (and Other Foreign Policy)" develops from asymmetric free form beginnings into a deep and involving mood piece before opening out as an uplifting finale; an unprecedented series of transitions. "Inaugural Balls" has the feeling of slightly deranged ragtime just hanging onto the edge of formality before breaking out into undisguised hard bop. "New Amsterdam" offers low down gumbo funk while "Lo's Garden" has a 'Weather Report' like surreality. "Loss" and "Kothbiro" close out the album with a quiet appeal to peace.

This is a fine album covering a very wide range of musical emotions and worthy of increased attention.

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