Chick Corea and John McLaughlin - Five Peace Band Live

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Concord Records

Release date: April 28th 2009

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Five Peace Band Live cover

Recorded during a tour of Europe in 2008, this double album delivers over one and three quarter hours of high value jazz.

Chick Corea has said that he does not want to label the music - "I decline to attempt to describe this music or give it a name….".

Nonetheless, the meeting with John McLaughlin cannot but conjure up the label 'fusion', with all its echoes of Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way", Chick Corea's 'Return To Forever' and John McLaughlin's 'Mahavishnu Orchestra'. And this is no bad thing, as the relationship between these two jazz greats produces fine, enjoyable, immersive music that can easily take its place alongside these earlier high points.

The depth and quality of the band – Chick Corea (piano and keyboards), John McLaughlin (guitar), Kenny Garrett (saxophone), Christian McBride (bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums)- is what makes the album so much more than a duo performance by the two principals. It is a tight, working group with performances beautifully recorded by Sven Hoffman and Bernie Kirsh.

Five Peace Band photo
Photo credit: L. Paul Mann

In an album of many highlights, Kenny Garett's saxophone soloing on Chick Corea's "Hymn To Andromeda" stands out on Disc 1, while, inevitably, the addition of Herbie Hancock to the band for "In A Silent Way / It's About that Time" is a stand-out on Disc 2. Herbie Hancock, touring independently with his own band, dropped into the Antwerp, Belgium, 'Five Peace Band' concert and agreed to join them on stage for the number. It was the first time that Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin and Chick Corea had played “In A Silent Way” together since they first recorded it with Miles Davis forty years ago back in 1969.

Very highly recommended.

There is streaming audio of the track "Someday My Prince Will Come" here.

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Chick Corea & John McLaughlin - Five Peace Band (Live)

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