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Hans Groiner

Release date: April 1st 2009

Availability: MySpace

Introducing cover

"If it doesn't itch, don't scratch it." Many would agree. But not Hans Groiner. When he knows that something is wrong, he can't stand back and just let it rest. How can people have listened to Thelonious Monk all these years without realizing that the great man had been terribly wrong in allowing all that asymmetry and dissonance into his music?

As Hans Groiner explains:

He sees potential in Thelonious Monk's music and a whole new noncontroversial way of playing it. The pity is that we only have three thirty-second fragments on MySpace and a single appearance at Smalls, NY to judge the success of Groiner's approach.

That's a great pity since many listeners to mainsream pop would undoubtedly be won over to Hans Groiner's improved versions of Thelonious Monk classics.

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