Andrew Hill - Judgment!

Blue Note

Re-release date: August 2005

Judgmnent! Cover

It is fitting that Rudy Van Gelder, who engineered just about all the classic Blue Note sessions from his studios in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, should be the inspiration behind the remastering and re-release (usuallly with added tracks that did not make it onto the original vinyl release or alternate takes) of so many of jazz's great albums as RVG editions. On our count there are currently 148 RVG re-releases covering the whole span of the Blue Note catalogue. With very few exceptions every one of them has something unique and valuable to offer. "Judgment!" finds Andrew Hill, pianist and gifted jazz experimentalist, in 1964 in the company of three other jazz greats - Bobby Hutcherson (vibes), Elvin Jones (drums) and Richard Davis (bass). As on the more well known "Point of Departure" which was recorded in the same year, the music is challenging, insightful, rewarding. Only the opening track (Siet Ocho) is definitively free form with the remaining material satisfyingly on the right side of the "inside/outside" divide with great synergy with Hutcherson's vibes.

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Judgmnent! Cover


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Judgmnent! Cover

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Judgmnent! Cover

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