Jazz Magazines

Down Beat
Long established (68 years) jazz magazine regarded as the authority in the field. Articles, reviews. Web site has good searchable archives and well documented musician list with associated documentation (biographies, reviews, album lisitng and links).

Jazz Improv
“Jazz Improv Magazine” is a 240-300 page quarterly magazine that includes a companion CD and features full-length tracks by leading and emerging artists. Features detailed interviews, reviews of recordings, books and musical products. “Jazz Improv Guide” gives very detailed view of the New York City jazz scene and is available from the web site as a free downloadable pdf. Highly recommended.

Jazz Times
Washington based jazz magazine, growing from 1970s founded “Radio Free Jazz” magazine. Reviews, features. Web site has downloadable MP3s from selected artists. Extensive listings of jazz record labels, jazz festivals, jazz educational programmes. Paid for downloadable audio version.

Jazz Magazine
French jazz magazine founded in 1954. Interviews, reviews. Web site has searchable archives and all graphics of first 500 front covers. In French.

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Anonymous said...

hi,just a word as regards your listing of good jazz mags the english jazz mag Jazz Journal Turned 60 in May, i have bought it for forty years and it has always had some thing worth while to say .try giving it a read some time...it

100 Greatest Jazz Albums said...

Thanks for this. Does the magazine have a web site? Then, would like to include this in the above,