Joshua Redman - Momentum


Release date: May 2005

Momentum Cover

Joshua Redman's third outing for the Elastic Band (if you count Yaya3) is a further move into new teritory in the jazz/funk/groove collaboration with Sam Yahel (keyboards) and Brian Blade (drums). (Jeff Ballard subs for Blade on drums on half the cuts with good effect). They have fixed the muddy bass sound of the first two albums (where Yahel plays bass on the foot pedals of Hammond organ) by multitracking a bass synth and the result is indeed music of much greater momentum. Though based in a funkier quadrant than "Weather Report" you can't help thinking of Wayne Shorter's seminal 70s band in the approach that Redman and Yahel take ("we never solo; we always solo"). Too many stand out tracks to mention them all - "Swunk" and "Double Jeopardy" steal it on the straight ahead stakes while Sheryl Crow's "Riverwide" is a meditative gem and Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" shows that this is no easy departure from innovative jazz. Surely someone has to release the full versions of "Blowing Changes" and "Showtime", two great tracks inexplicably cut down to 2.10 and 1.06 minutes respectively. All in all a great step forward in this talented saxophonist's career.

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