Louis Smith - Smithville

Blue Note

Original release date: March 30th 1958

Re-release date (with added tracks): May 13th 2008

Availabilty: CD, MP3 download, iTunes

Smithville cover

The revaluation of Louis Smith continues after his 'rediscovery' on the Horace Silver album "Live At Newport '58' and the re-release of the "Here Comes Louis Smith" album in March 2008.

Featuring Louis Smith (trumpet), Charlie Rouse (tenor sax) Sonny Clark (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Art Taylor (drums), this is a stellar quintet playing strongly blues based hard bop.

The opener, "Smithville" is a tuneless blues that nevertheless keeps interest over its eleven minute span, notably for the interplay between trumpet and sax.

Charlie Rouse (best remembered for his contribution to the Thelonious Monk Quartet) is on fire on "Wetu" with high octane bop with an intensity that Louis Smith more than equals.

The debt to Charlie Parker is evident on a good version of "Au Privave", a groove that is carried over into "Bakin'", "There Will Never Be Another You" and "Later".

There is one strong ballad where Louis Smith's warm, pure tone on trumpet comes over on George Gershwin's "Embraceable You", here stripped of its Charlie Parkeresque innovations.

Hard bop at its best.

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Louis Smith - Smithville

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