Tokyo Day Trip – Live EP

Pat Metheny


Release date: May 13th 2008

Availability: CD, MP3 Download

Tokyo Day Trip – Live EP cover

Following the success of "Day Trip", this disc brings together for the first time five additional tracks recorded live in Tokyo in late 2004 featuring the same trio (Pat Metheny (guitars), Chrisitian McBride (bass) and Antonio Sanchez (drums)).

At over 40 minutes playing time this is a generous EP (especially when you consider that Pat Metheny's iconic album "Bright Size Life" is of shorter duration).

As in "Day Trip", the trio is exceptional with an edge added by the interaction with a live audience.

There are three very involving and beautiful ballads that show the true range of the understanding between these three gifted musicians – "Tromso" (with chiming electric guitar sounding almost sitar-like and beautiful bowed bass sections), "Inori" and "The Night Becomes You" (with trademark cultured acoustic jazz guitar).

"Travelling Fast" is eleven minutes of characteristic Pat Metheny inventiveness in post bop electric jazz guitar mode and is probably the stand out track.

And (just for fun) there is Pat Metheny in a slash distorted guitar rock hero fantasy "Back Arm & Blackcharge", a workout that will make all jazz (and rock) fans grateful that the great guitarist embraced jazz.

Great music. Great value. Essential.

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Tokyo Day Trip – Live EP cover

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Tokyo Day Trip – Live EP cover
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