Jazz Re-releases

Best recently re-released and recommended jazz albums:

George Coleman - Amsterdam After Dark cover
"Hank Jones – Trio with Mads Vinding and Al Foster"

George Coleman - Amsterdam After Dark cover
"George Coleman - Amsterdam After Dark"

Alvin Queen  - I Ain't Looking At You cover
"Alvin Queen "I Ain't Looking At You"

Gary Burton and Chick Corea - Crystal Silence - The ECM Recordings 1972-79 cover
"Gary Burton and Chick Corea "Crystal Silence - The ECM Recordings 1972-79"

Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection cover
Miles Davis "The Complete Columbia Album Collection"

John Coltrane Side Steps cover
John Coltrane "Side Steps"

Up & Down cover
Horace Parlan "Up & Down"

First Flight Out cover
Art Farmer "First Flight Out"

Meaning Of Art cover
Art Farmer "Meaning Of Art"

The Company I Keep cover
Art Farmer and Tom Harrell "The Company I Keep"

Silk Road cover
Art Farmer "Silk Road"

Bluesnik cover
Jackie McLean "Bluesnik"

Standard Coltrane cover
John Coltrane "Standard Coltrane"

Some Other Stuff cover
Grachan Moncur III "Some Other Stuff"

One Step Beyond cover
Jackie McLean "One Step Beyond"

Extensions cover
Johnny Griffin "Introducing"

Extensions cover
Dave Holland Quartet "Extensions"

Hank Mobley cover
Hank Mobley "The Missing Album"

Peckin' Time cover
Hank Mobley - Lee Morgan "Peckin' Time"

The Opener cover
Curtis Fuller "The Opener"

Quintet cover
Hank Mobley "Quintet"

Freedom Suite cover
Sonny Rollins "Freedom Suite"

Incredible Jazz Guitar cover
Wes Montgomery "Incredible Jazz Guitar"

Smithville cover
Louis Smith "Smithville"

Head On cover
Bobby Hutcherson "Head On"

Portrait In Jazz cover
Bill Evans "Portrait In Jazz"

Settin' The Pace cover
John Coltrane "Settin' The Pace"

The Soothsayer cover
Wayne Shorter "The Soothsayer"

Bags Meets Wes cover
Milt Jackson and Wes Montgomery "Bags Meets Wes"

Brilliant Corners  cover
Thelonious Monk "Brilliant Corners"

Further Explorations  cover
Horace Silver "Further Explorations"

Duke Ellington and John Coltrane  cover
"Duke Ellington and John Coltrane"

Lawn Chair Society  cover
Kenny Werner "Lawn Chair Society"

Form cover
Tom Harrell "Form"

Communication Theory  cover
David Berkman "Communication Theory"

Penumbra cover
The Bennie Maupin Ensemble "Penumbra"

Delightfulee cover
Oliver Nelson "The Blues And The Abstract Truth"

Delightfulee cover
Lee Morgan "Delightfulee"

 Volume 3 cover
Lee Morgan "Volume 3"

 Volume 2 cover
Lee Morgan Sextet "Volume 2"

 Ezz-Thetics cover
George Russell "Ezz-Thetics"

Cornell 1964 cover
Charles Mingus with Eric Dolphy "Cornell 1964"

Marian McPartland / Brad Mehldau cover
Marian McPartland / Brad Mehldau "Piano Jazz"

Power To The People thumb
Joe Henderson "Power To The People"

Compulsion!!!!! thumb
Andrew Hill "Compulsion!!!!!"

Full House thumb
Wes Montgomery "Full House"

Clubhouse thumb
Dexter Gordon "Clubhouse"

Off To The Races thumb
Donald Byrd "Off To The Races"

 Pax thumb
Andrew Hill "Pax"

City Lights thumb
Lee Morgan "City Lights"

Here To Stay thumb
Freddie Hubbard "Here To Stay"

Happenings thumb
Bobby Hutcherson "Happenings"

As We Are Now thumb
Renee Rosnes "As We Are Now"

Meant To Be thumb What We Do thumb
John Scofield "Meant To Be / What We Do"

One Down One Up thumb
John Coltrane "One Down One Up"

Thelonious and Coltrane thumb
Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane "At Carnegie Hall"

Judgment thumb
Andrew Hill "Judgement!"

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